Ice cream sundae

Little Me wears: A Mina top*, Celia Birtwell shorts, Topshop sandals and a Primark bag.

Little B wears: A Pull & Bear tee, Topman jeans, Matalan shoes and a River Island beanie.

Today we couldn't have dressed more differently if we tried. One of us could fit right in at an ice cream parlour, once topped with squirty cream and a cherry on top, and the other is basically resembling fifty shades of grey. It seems that wherever we are, we just can't get our dress attire right, and one of us always ends up cold (you can bet who that one is..!) but considering these shorts had been in my wardrobe a few months, it felt the right time to finally bare the legs, properly. Especially when there's new sandals involved.

Whatever time of year, Little B loves a beanie on his head. He's not one of these - in it for the cool factor - type beanie people, but is partial to throwing one on with a tee and jeans. And I think it takes us back to our months living in the Alps. Beanie central! And the turn up trouser thing again? I think he's been secretly re-watching Grease whilst I'm asleep! Not that I mind, we've all got a soft spot for that cheese.

Tonight is an early kinda night for us all, with some chocolate coated honeycombe, fresh pyjamas and some Californication. I'm sure Little R will join us at some point, with a straw, and a leaf, and whatever else he can find..

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