Cherry sunset.

Little Me wears: A crop top from Ark*, a Miss Luxe playsuit*, Matalan trainers and Rayban sunglasses*.

Little B wears: A shirt from Ark*, Topman jeans, Matalan shoes and a Daniel Wellington watch*.

Yesterday evening we took a stroll through one of the villages that we came across just outside where we live. We pulled ourselves up over those countryside fences and went to see the sun begin to set, and for a chance to leave our thoughts behind briefly. I think we tend to forget how beautiful the sun setting is, with it happening around us everyday, so last night we really appreciated it. And each other.

Of course, we weren't really wearing the most practical evening walk attire (wedged trainers, really?!) after persuading each other that a smart shirt and a short playsuit would be absolutely fine in this country at 9.30pm. To be honest though, we probably won't learn our lesson, and we'll do it all again next time.

It was also a perfect opportunity to finally take my new Rayban sunglasses out, to enjoy the sun. I've never been a real fancy sunglasses wearer (Primark always did the job) but ever since living in the French Alps, my mind changed. So now I own some cheeky Raybans, does this mean we can finally go snowboarding again...?

And finally, can we take a moment to appreciate Little B's attempt at looking like a T-Bird with his turned up jeans! I say this, however he probably wouldn't agree that he get's his inspiration from Danny Zuko. But I'd beg to differ.. It wouldn't surprise me if he took out a comb from his back pocket..

Stick and stack.

Life Lately.