Little Me wears: Dress and sandals from Topshop and a Primark bag.

Little B wears: Shirt and jeans from Topman, Primark shoes and a River Island beanie.

If today was the day to be a walking advert for Topshop and Topman with a hint of Primark, then I think we'd be pretty much in the running, and in all fairness, we hadn't planned it when getting ready. Maybe sharing the same wardrobe has turned us a bit crazy.

Little B still enjoys turning his trousers up, even popping out the excuse that this time it was just whilst we walked through the fields.. But I reckon he's a secret turn up fan (especially after pointing out in Urban Outfitter's that all the jeans were rolled up. Oh he's such a trendy Wendy!), as am I to be fair. But nothing beats a pretty dress. Ever.

I think Little B is becoming more the fashionista than me. It seems that whenever he purchases something new, he wears it immediately, whereas I've become a little, let's say behind. This dress was bought in October last year, and I'm only just getting round to wearing it properly (it may have had something to do with the fact the sleeves are on the tight side). And now I've got the perfect shoes for the dress, there's no stopping me now.

Actually there is, because we're both just missing our sunglasses! And since we've become RayBan fans, we're already eyeing up some new ones on Smart Buy Glasses. I guess we just want to be cool sunglass kids.

We've had such a busy whirlwind weekend, and luckily we had the afternoon off today, so of course, we headed for a snooze. And a snooze it certainly was! Sometimes that's all you need just to recharge. Although now we're slightly buzzing. And it should really be our bedtime...

Indoor child.

Big and Little