Big and Little

Little Me wears:  A Primark top, River Island shorts, Primark socks and New Look boots.

Big Little C wears: A Superdry tee*, Banana Republic shorts, and Adidas trainers.

It could seem that Little B has grown a lot since the last outfit post, and even looking a little similar to myself, but then that would just be weird. So I guess it's fair to say that he's been replaced for the day, by my brother, who shall now go by the name of Big Little C (Insert friends laughing here!).

He has a thing for blogs, and when I say that, I mean that he let's me know that him and his housemate have been checking out the hot girls in suglasses from our followers list (Oh and Becky, (hey girlfriend and avid reader!), he did that the one time he actually decided to read this!). So when I was contacted by Superdry to style up somebody, Little B especially, thought this would be a perfect idea to include him in. Plus it gave Little B a day off from being papped. And now Big Little C thinks that the modelling emails will be flocking in. If only.

To be honest, I let him style himself (as he sometimes doesn't dress that bad.. We're still working on the skinny jeans!) and upon him mentioning that the shorts were from Banana Republic, the thought of him being a secret clothes fan may have crossed my mind, along with a pretty surprised face too. For a brief moment, I wondered if he'd succumb to starting a fashion blog, but that would just be too much for him. He's too busy going to gigs, and being really cool and stuff. And there wasn't even any time for him to attempt the hand in hair pose..


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