Tie it up now.

Little Me wears: A River Island skirt, a New Look jacket, H&M faux fur stole, Primark boots and Matalan bag.

Little B wears: An Ark top*, Topman jeans, a River Island beanie and Matalan boots.

Today I felt cool. Like really cool. And if you've read this blog for a while, you'll know that this is all I try to achieve in life.. Well, yes, today felt like just that. All because I tied my skirt! Thanks to Look magazine!

Little B felt like he was going places today with his £10 blazer from Primark thrown on top of his Zac Efron look. I think sometimes he thinks he's some sort of teacher when he swans around in the blazer, or probably even a doctor knowing him! So with us feeling a bit cool and on top of the world, we headed out for a cheeky stroll (partly to burn off the huge lunch that we'd just eaten!).

This ford that we stopped at, reminded me so much of my childhood where Papa G would always drive the car through on a weekend, giving us much delight in the smallest of things. I think Little B fell in love with it a bit too, even admitting that he could imagine bringing his children over here in the Summer... He can hold back on those broody thoughts for a while yet! I got new clothes to buy for me, never mind little little's.

Plus Little R and Little S are enough for us at the moment, we've got seeds and dreamies to clean up!

The Little Winters x

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