This and that.

This week Little R has been in a right hungry mood. He's constantly been eyeing up dinners, and treating himself to a few cheeky crepes! Today we visited the farm shop. The potting shed always looks inviting.

Yesterday, Kimbolina came to visit. Today was spent taking some silly photos in an abandoned house, and going for a delicious lunch of panini's and curly fries. And possibly the best milkshakes in town.

Last night, we tucked into a fondue feast and spent the evening watching films and catching up. This morning had to be started with a chocolate filled breakfast too. All we've done this weekend is eat! Strawberries mainly.

This week Little S has been racing around in his wheel and going a little crazy. He's enjoyed lots of late night cuddles too. Little R has become the hair bobble thief, and taken a liking to the chest of drawers.

This week, we've been drinking a LOT of chocolate milk. We're not big milk drinkers, but a chocolate milk before bed is a winner. This week I featured in Look magazine, and my friend got a little excited in Tesco..

The Little Winters x

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