Summer evening breezes blew, lead by your heart.

Little Me wears: An Urban Outfitters dress, Primark tights and So You Shoes.

Little B wears: A River Island shirt, Pull & Bear chinos, and Primark pumps.

Hey there bright sun and pretty dress and pastel boy. Yes, that's us! Of course, Little B has taken the same approach as me, and the rule of new things are that they need to be worn with immediate effect (sadly, he still doesn't get to hang them on the door for a few months like my things do...). So that's what we did.

We didn't really have anywhere fancy to go (our fancy is Asda!) but we told ourselves that we didn't need a reason to look smarter. Admittedly, I changed these shoes for something a little more comforting (after realising that sometimes we just can't look like Fearne Cotton even if we do cut our tights into socks..) and popped them away, for a girls night out.. Because that's the only time you can wear hooker shoes right? Now I see why Little B likes them...

A short sleeved shirt has been an on-going debate in our household. With the female half (yes, team me) declaring them a nice touch to Summer, the male side completely disagreeing that they're 'pointless'.. WHAT?! So, when we were last in River Island, I bought it up again. You know, because us women just can't ever seem to leave things alone. And I was so surprised, that my pants nearly blew off, because sure enough, he came out that changing room with a short sleeved shirt in his yes pile. And a salmon one at that too (yes, salmon!).

So maybe if I keep persuing for a vintage looking living room, he may come home with a floral sofa... Yeah. Right.

The Little Winters x

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