On Sunday's, we are fools.

Little Me wears:  An Orange Circle tee*, Topshop jeans, New Look boots and a Matalan bag.

Little Kimbolina wears: An Oh My Love jumper (alright stealer!), American Apparel jeans and Asos boots.

As you probably saw on Instagram and Twitter (unless you live in a shell, which was totally me 6 months ago!), my sweet little friend Kimbolina came to visit at the weekend. Which was much needed. She's a doll.

Of course the weekend couldn't be a weekend without a cheeky takeaway, an overdose on strawberries, some form of pancakes, melted chocolate and endless cups of tea. All that was missing was little Steph. But with a photo propped up at the breakfast table, it felt just like she was there with us! It's always lovely to just spend time catching up with these two (and hearing about Kim's honeymoon of a holiday! winkwink).

The minute that the weather came on our side, and Kim had raided my wardrobe, we jumped in the car and headed to my favourite abandoned buidling, where we 'got each other'. You know what we mean, took photos and didn't even have to ask twice. Plus there's always time for a Billy Elliott moment. "I used to be a dancer y'know Billy".

Although let's be honest, jumping in jeans isn't really ideal. I guess I'm still not used to these. But on the plus side, Little B got a weekend away from asking for permission to eat before I've photographed something. At least Kimba just waited patiently. Actually, she did exactly the same...

The Little Winters x

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