Little Me wears: A tee from Brakeburn*, Topshop jeans and Primark pumps.

Little B wears: A Topman tee, Primark shorts and Brakeburn shoes*.

Let's put this out there first, we're not really an active couple. Well, we used to be (and no, not in THAT way), when we were always up for snowboarding and all that jazz, whereas nowadays, it doesn't get much more than a gentle walk in the countryside, or on the odd occasion, some sit ups. So when we were contacted by Brakeburn to style a few of their pieces, we told ourselves, that actually, maybe we could do active, you know, we can be cool, and pretend we live by the beach. And surf...

In fairness, we may look like we know what we're doing, but we definitely enjoy these pieces. It made a nice change spending the day in some more casual and comfortable clothing (worlds most impracticale dresser over here!) and Little B can't wait to take these shoes on holiday with him.

With our comfortable clothing on, it can only call for Burrito night tonight, where we plan to consume as many cheese filled wraps our stomachs can take. And a cheeky bit of cider on the side too. I'm sure Little R will attempt to get in on the action.. And who can blame him, Little B makes a mean mix!

The Little Winters x

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