Life Lately

This week I've been catching up on 90210 and snuggling down with a hot chocolate and cushions.. Because it still feels like Winter! Today, Little B's family came over and bought me some beautiful fresh flowers.

This week, this little monkey has been tearing around the place with anything and everything he can find, in his mouth.. Underwear has ended up downstairs! On Friday we re-arranged our bedroom. It feels much better!

This week we pottered about doing odd jobs, and seeing family as Little B has been off. It's been nice that he's around. On Friday evening, I enjoyed a glass of sparkly in a field watching Grease. My throat now hurts..

This week we've eaten a lot of crumpets (including Runkle!) and drank a lot of tea and coffee. Crumpets are our favourite snack. On Tuesday, we sorted through our old mugshot wall photos, which are pretty funny too.

This week we went to one of our favourite coffee shops with Mama Mcfred, who do the best milkshakes ever! I've been debating wearing this beautiful dress to the Company blog awards at the end of the month.

This week when the sun made a rare appearance, we donned our Summer attire, and headed for a walk through the fields. We enjoy being out in the open, and spotting the wildlife too.

The Little Winters x

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Summer evening breezes blew, lead by your heart.