A little bit of this and that and another week.

This week we finally got round to putting some snaps in our wire heart frame. These photos from Printed work perfectly. We've spent the last of the week snuggled up in bed in the evenings, catching up on the sleep we missed!

This week we went to London to do a spot of holiday shopping, and have dinner with family. It was really nice spending the day together, full of plenty of coffee, slow walks and lots of delicious food!

This week we've been a bit all over the place, so have been relying on the mini to get us around! We always like to keep busy, which is good considering family and friends are all over the country! Here's a rare joint snap of us too!

This week we've been filling up on Wispa hot chocolates and Maryland cookies (I say we, but I really mean me!) and planning our weeks. Little B is such an organised thing when we go away to places! Sweet.

This week we've tried to eat a little healthier than the usual Nutella on crumpets for dinner! It's been a nice change. This pretty dress from Ever Ours came in the post this week. It cheered me up no end!

The Little Winters x

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Two birds of a feather, say that they'll stay together.

A spoonful of Nutella makes the medicine go down.