They say three's a crowd but I say they're so wrong.

Last weekend was one of my favourites in a long time. And it may have just been to do with Kimbolina and Stephanie Dreams. It always excites me when we plan to hang out, and basically do exactly the same things. And with blogging, has brought great friendships and laughter with these two ladies (and others too!).

On Saturday evening I headed down to Cheltenham with my 3 bags in tow (I wish I was joking!) where I was greeted by two excited little faces! As usual, I have a window fetish.. And Kim's is pretty delicious!

Once we'd scoffed some pizza and garlic bread (thanks chef!) we got dressed up and had a few cheeky drinks and 90's music, before heading out for an evening full of dancing. It was also my turn to borrow Kim's dresses!

 In true fashion in the morning, we had our usual of pancakes and bacon with a nice bowl of strawberries too. The builders were lurking outside for a bit, but it sure didn't stop us taking the standard Instagram shot!

When our tummies were full on pancakes and tea, we donned our daytime attire, and headed out through the park, for a wander. Of course we managed to make time for a slice of cake and a trip to Primark.

On Sunday night we left Kim's and drove to Steph's super cosy place, where the fairy lights were switched on immediately. And the window fetish happened again...

Sunday evening was spent in our pyjamas catching up on Saturday night TV with servings of cheese on toast and a really tasty honeycombe cheesecake! A lot of giggles were had too.

After a cosy sleep (and a cheeky Mean Girls film!) breakfast was made in the form of sausages and muffins. A cup of tea was washed down nicely, before the gladrags were popped on.

In true blogger style, we made the most of the dry weather and headed to the canal with Steph's dream bike and bunting. The photos were topped off with some fresh flowers and pretty dresses.

And it couldn't be complete without getting the boyfriend behind the camera for a silly little snap. Thanks Sam! And Steph for being an utter babe and making me soggy cheese on toast. And Kim for being a bit delicious and letting me have her bed! These two are a little bit special.

The Little Winters x

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