Here's a little bit of this and that once again

This week we finally got round to getting a new chest of drawers, although now we could probably do with another one... On Thursday I went a bit wild and bought some extra flowers. The hallway needed some colour.

This week I had a lonely breakfast for one. But that's OK because it meant I didn't have to share the mini eggs with anyone! On Tuesday I wore my new favourite tee, even if it makes me feel a little young.

On Wednesday I headed to London for the AX Paris event. I hadn't been on a train since the Summer when I had to get a handwritten letter... It was such a fab evening, and I'm so pleased that I got to meet many delicious faces in real life. Plus the photobooth was just a little bit too fun!

This week, we discovered that Little R is in fact Spiderman and likes to climb door frames. He's becoming a bit of a genius lately! Little S has been looking extra cute this week, and having one too many sunflower seeds.

This week I've missed these two faces, as I've spent a lot of time with them lately. I'm already counting down the next time I see them.. On Monday I returned home to these two farties. I was greeted with lots of cuddles.

This week was National Sibling Day, so I thought I'd do my part and show off the beanstalk in the family.. This cat face may look cute, but let me tell you, he has been an ultimate tinker this week! Terror.

The Little Winters x

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