But everything you exhale is attracting flies.

Little Me wears: A Daisy Street dress*, Steph's Primark cardigan, a Primark bag and belt, and Matalan boots.

Let's be honest, when we see a glimmer of sunshine, a moment of no wind or just some pretty new boots through the post, we tend to go into bare legs mode. Even if it only lasts a few hours. I think mine was a combination of all three, and well, I'm a little fed up of tights now. But anyway, Steph's cardigan kept me cosy and warm!

These boots arrived last week as I was heading out to see Steph and Kim, and threw them in the car unopened. Originally I bought them on a whim after seeing a super cool model in a similar pair on ASOS. I also ordered the dress. It looked hideous. We don't talk about it anymore. So I kept the boots, because I'm a bit of a boots hoarder really. And they make me feel a bit, you know, hippy. And cool.

Boots need dresses. And dresses I have (I had a LOT that weekend!), so thought they'd fit perfectly for a walk along the canal in a little black dress. Who says you can't wear an LBD any time of the day?

This weekend has basically been spent chilling out, which is what we all most definitely needed in the Little household. Little R is feeling a little swollen today after having his man bits snipped but Little S is high on life with his new honey treats! So that leaves Little B and Little Me to cosy up on the sofa, with all the candles lit and a cheesy film for the night. Oh and fruit.. Because we're apparently on a diet...

The Little Winters x

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