So pick any number and choose any colour.

Little Me wears: An ASOS dress, a bag from Matalan* and ASH shoes.

I have this thing, that when I buy something new it doesn't go on my rail, instead it sits on our bedroom door. Now i'm not entirely sure why this happens, but it does. And it only gets moved when it's either worn, or another new item gets bought (which seems to be a regular Monday occurence!)

This dress came into my life this week and it's delightful. Not only have the florals won me over, but I've become a bit of a fan of the 'pregnant look'. Yes, the smock style. And no, there isn't any Little Little's coming. Little B keeps telling me how much he likes my top (it really isn't that short!), and I suppose it's a good thing he does, as I'm sure I'll end up wearing it a lot.. That's until it gets replaced!

We've just got back from a crazy weekend with some bloggers, and then finishing it up in St Albans. Sure enough, Little R was over the moon to see us (maybe, because we'd bought him a new toy - which is now his new favourite and carries it everywhere!) and as much as we love being busy, we also get hugely excited by locking the door and closing the curtains. The crumpets are in the toaster, the kettle is boiling and we're ready for a cosy night in.

The Little Winters x

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