I'm in love with In Love with Fashion.

1. Monday's dress. 2. Tuesday's dress. 3. Wednesday's dress. 4. Thursday's top and skirt. 5. Friday's dress.

Being your average girl who loves anything floral and nipped in at the waist, means that of course I'm a fan of In Love with Fashion. With their super sweet pastel printed dresses and their dreamy skater skirts, they've really got me excited for Summer. I've created a wishlist of my favourite things that I'd wear throughout the week (if only I had this kind of money!) and Monday's dress would definitetly be one for a Saturday night out.. Anything with a collar wins me over. Thursday's outfit is probably my favourite, with the skirt being so pretty and feminine, teaming it with a slouchy top for a comfortable day. It makes me want to dig out my sandals pronto!

E-Tail PR have a competition where you can win £200 to spend at In Love with Fashion, and all you have to do is create a wishlist type post. I'm sure you'll find plenty to be drooling over like me.

I think this skirt may have to make it's way into my wardrobe sooner rather than later..!

The Little Winters x

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