I have some brand new shoes, they left me a letter.

Little Me bought: Vivienne Westwood shoes.

These shoes have those eyes. The ones that look at you and you give in to them... That's exactly what I did at work on Friday. I caved, and bought them. Partly because they're just too darn cute for Summer, but mainly because the sweet scent through them is a little bit delicious (bubblegum if you're wondering!).

I'm not usually a pump type shoe person, I prefer something with a wedge (or mostly boots for that matter) so it's actually a nice change, plus I'm not towering over Little B. Although, Little B isn't a fan of these and when I asked him how they looked on, he described them as 'something Dororthy would wear.. After she was stuck in mud'. 

I guess he just isn't a fashion blogger after all..

The Little Winters x

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