Get a witches shawl and a broomstick to crawl on.

Little Me wears: A dress from New Look, a H&M blazer, and Ash wedges.

Today is a Wednesday Addams kinda day. To be quite honest, most days are for me, as I tend to wear black for work.. I just leave the pigtails behind (they're best off being left in my memory box). And with Wednesday's droopy look, it suited my mood perfectly today. You see, we went to London yesterday us Little's and took our Little mama's there for a late mothers day seeing Les Miserables. We all had such a wonderful time even in the pouring rain, but the late night drive home has made us all a little weepy today.

I say weepy and droopy as though I know Wednesday Addams like my neighbour, but I don't know her, nor do I really know my neighbours, so this equation is completely irreverent.  But basically I like black. And white collars.

I think tonight calls for some crumpets, a hot ribena and Little R and myself will snuggle into bed and await for Little B to finish work in the late hours. Tomorrow will resume as normal!

The Little Winters x

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