And a little bit of this and that again and again.

This week I spent a lot of time in my favourite pyjamas. I hate when they are in the wash as they're super snug. Little B steals my slippers too! Today I made the most impractical purchase for the garden. But I like them.

This week, Little R has been hiding under the duvet with us to keep warm. Every morning at 6.23 he'll expect a snuggle. I can't say no to that face! On Tuesday we our favourite breakfast, full of golden syrup.

This week I've been lazy with dinner whilst Little B has been at work, and treated myself to strawberries and fudge brownie milkshake. On Wednesday I donned my stripes and really old scarf for work.

This week Little B has been having man time with Little R and Little S. He gets a little angry when Little R watches over him in the morning. Little S enjoys having cuddles and chats in the evening (and morning too!)

This week, I bought some flowers like I do every week. On a Monday to be precise, whilst doing the food shopping. They make me smile. On Friday, I treated myself to some new shoes, I feel a bit like Dorothy.

This week has been nice to see the morning light come in, and know that Spring is around the corner. Plus we're still in love with our new duvet set. On Thursday I wrapped up warm in the car and smiled.

The Little Winters x

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Get a witches shawl and a broomstick to crawl on.

I have some brand new shoes, they left me a letter.