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Little Me wears: A dress from TK Maxx, a belt from Zara and Ash boots.

I declare as of today, Summer dress wearing day. It seems acceptable, especially now that we've seen a peek of the sunshine in March! I say this, however I'm not a separate wardrobe wearer for seasons. If a dress can be worn with tights and a jumper, and also with sandals, then it's already had me over. 

Saying all that though, this dress causes me a few issues in the middle of Winter, partly down to it's floating style, so windy weather isn't best appropriate. Instead, on a day like today, it was perfect. And it's actually one of my favourites... I feel a little like a mermaid (I just need the locks to match now!)

Looking back at my photos since Christmas, I realise that every other outfit post, has my ASH shoes in. On one hand, it's showing that I really like them, and yes wear them all the time.. But on the other hand, I probably should invest in some more (it's not like I don't already have a cabinet of 4 other style black boots!). I'm always a sucker for some sweet boots and tend to buy them in either black or tan. Because it's practical. I am practical.And on that note, it's Thursday, which means it's hair wash and movie night. Just like every other Thursday!

The Little Winters x

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