You'll be my night light when I go to sleep.

Little Me wears: A H&M top, Primark shorts, ASH wedges and a Matalan bag*

Little B wears: A River Island shirt, Topman jeans, Nike trainers and a Daniel Wellington watch*.

The days seem to be rolling into one at the moment over here in the Little's household. It's either been completely quiet with nobody but the furries snoring sound, or bustling with people stopping at weekends lately. Of course, we thoroughly enjoy people staying, especially when you see the males faces having to sleep in floral bedsheets.. Priceless! But sometimes it's nice to just stop, and do nothing. But then,  I get really really bored!

I always drag Little B out of bed on our days off, to potter round some shops (usually the same homeware stores!) and we end up putting on our favourite simple outfits. And one that hides the evidence of a big cream tea lunch..!

We both used to be afraid of stripes but lately they've turned us around, and we occasionally embrace them. Not together, because that would just be a little weird. When Little B isn't wearing his stripy blue tee with his burgundy jeans, then it's my turn to put on my stripy sleeved top and my burgundy lace shorts in the hope that maybe one day we'll start confusing you with which Little is which...

At least you'll always know who likes the floral sheets and who likes a good book (for now!)

The Little Winters x

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