When three worlds collide and make a memory.

This weekend, saw two beautiful ladies become part of the Little's household. Little Kim and Little Steph for the night. They drove on up bringing wine and a jolly good time to be had. And it certainly was! I failed at making cakes and cheekily bought some, only for Little R to tuck in to them during our excitement of hello's!! 

A mad dash to ASDA happened, which resulted in more enthusiasm, over heart shaped waffles and squirty cream debates, than was needed. We headed for warmth with our evening in sight and a huge food bill.

Our evening started by attempting to fit a pizza larger than the oven itself, into the oven, shortly followed my a glass (or two) of wine (and cider) poured where we caught up, had a giggle and basically sang our hearts out to 90's songs. And of course, Little R had many a cuddles.. I think he just wanted to get in on Kim's popcorn! The evening was finished off by snuggling up into the guest bed in mismatched printed pyjamas and having a chuckle at Steph's over excitement (I don't think she gets out too much...?!) and planning our next fun sleepover.

In true blogger style, the morning was spent preparing for a breakfast party (yeah, hear that Breakfast club!) With Kim on bacon duty, and Steph on egg patrol, I was left with the only job I could handle, the waffles and tea! When the squirty cream fiasco had died down (seriously, who else has squirty cream on their waffles? Just me?) the dollops of maple syrup and waffles were soon demolished. And finished off with a nice cup of tea. A perfect morning.

And what weekend full of bloggers could be complete without making room for outfit posts. Off we tottered in our pretty little frocks (and playsuits) to the nicest spot of sunshine, on the main road near my house where we chuckled and posed as cars beeped passing by.

The weekend soon came to a finish and Little Kim and Little Steph were Little's no more. I waved a sad goodbye to them, as did Little R (until he was distracted by the neighbours hose pipe!), hoping that they'd turn around and come live with us forever more. Instead, I was left with fond memories with them. And a load of washing up..

It was literally one of the loveliest weekends I've had in a while, and was just what I needed after these rubbish few weeks.  I can't wait for them to come back and be Little's again.

The Little Winters x

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