Little Me's Wishlist with Kaleidoscope.

1: Floral sweatshirt. 2: Lace top. 3: Lace dress. 4: Joe Browns dress. 5: Joe Browns wedges.

When it comes to payday, my brain gets racking with what I want more than what I actually need. A new dress always manages to win over food shopping (actually I do both, but sacrifice the healthy things for a pretty frock!), so when I came across Kaleidoscope which deals with ladies fashion, I managed to pick out a few pieces that would sit perfectly on my rail. With or without Summer coming, I always have a thing for florals, and I sure can't wait to wear them with some cute sandals. These ones from Joe Browns are delicious, especially with the aztec print! And of course, what wardrobe could be complete without some lace.. I'm a bit of a sucker for lace (I think I own about 6 black lace dresses) but you can never have too many right?! Right?

I think these wedges will probably end up in my buy pile come next week, because like every other girl, I spend my wages as soon as they come in. And I'm not even sorry!

The Little Winters x

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