Little B's wishlist with Flannels.

1. Dolce and Gabanna shirt. 2: Moncler cagoule. 3: Paul Smith holdall

4: Burberry knit. 5: Dolce and Gabanna trainers. 6: Acne jeans.

There comes a time in the week, or even a time in the day, when we all start dreaming of things we would buy if a little bit of extra money slipped into our purses and wallets. Especially Little B and I. Little B thinks of all the books and technology he could buy, and I think of all the clothes and shoes I could be wearing. 

With our household being full of male species (yes I'm talking to you three musketeers ) and myself, it's like talking to a brick wall when it comes to fashion. Especially Little S and R, who enjoy running around starkers. So I got Little B on the case tonight, and told him I'd won the millions. He got onto his wishlist right away.

Little B likes his shirts, and picked out the Dolce and Gabanna one, teaming it with the Burberry knit. Plus he's always on the hunt for a new jacket, so spied the cagoule. There's some pretty good men's Moncler jackets on the Flannels site too. And as if he doesn't already have enough holdalls, this Paul Smith one made the wishlist too!

So if anybody fancies secretly putting some spare change into Little B's wallet, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. We'll just be waiting in the corner quietly. In our Sainsburies jumpers..!

The Little Winters x

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