A little bit of this week and that.

This week I bought a new Orchid for the bedroom because I like flowers on the windowsill. Today I kept my slippers on all day, and snuggled up with my favourite cushions, after doing the housework.

This week I had a bit of a catch up with my furriest friend, over a bottle of red wine (I don't even like red.) Last night, I enjoyed spending time in Mama and Papa's new kitchen with a chinese takeaway.

This week I wore my new By Zoe top with some jeans, which felt strange as I don't wear jeans. On Monday Little B took Little R for a walk in the courtyard. He's slowly starting to enjoy it.

This week I ate a lot of delicious cake and cookies. Sometimes it's definitely needed. On Wednesday night I made my favourite vegetarian, Melanzane, for us two. It wasn't that bad actually.

This week Little S has been a bit of a sleepy one, and he's also loosing his grey hair. He's now turning into a white fox. On Friday night, we played Lion King with Little R. He didn't seem to mind.

This week Little B started his new job and I played taxi. I wanted to wear a ball gown and go inside. On Monday we went to one of my favourite shops full of vintage pieces and picked up a shelf.

The Little Winters x

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Eyes like marbles, you spin me high as I glide.

You're my river running high, run deep, run wild.