A cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.

Little Me wears: An Ever Ours jumper, Primark shorts and Ash wedges.

You know when you tell yourself that you're going to save. So you do, and then you get excited by the money building up that you then want to spend it? Well, yeah, this is what I did with this Ever Ours jumper. To be quite honest with you, it was only £6 (I KNOW right?!) so it's not like I went overboard, but, well basically, I struggle to save. Like really struggle to save. Even £6...

And what better way to potter about in it, that having double cat trouble, and wear it whilst attempting to walk Little Runkle. I say attempt, because he's not unsure of the outdoors. So much that he tends to slither across the floor. That is, until the wind picks up and the leaves fly by. Then it's a completely different story!

I think the neighbours find us all a little perculiar...

The Little Winters x

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