Why should we worry about acting our age.

Little Me wears: A dress and blouse from Primark and Ash boots.

Today was definitely a day for pinafores and blouses, even if only consisting of running errands and making winter casserole. Even zipping up the dress this morning was more special than normal, after waiting two weeks to wear these new additions due to alterations on the sleeves (damn you tiny wrists!). And with that, I donned my most unpractical shoe attire. Since the snow has arrived, I've come to realise that maybe it's time to own some flat shoes that aren't foam brogues... It makes me wonder how I survived in the French Alps all those months! I'm also thinking that maybe tights and a dress aren't always the best for this weather, and it may just be time to invest in some womens jeans. French connection have a fair few that I'm (kinda) eyeing up, and of course, their other pieces!

Of course once I'm tucked up back inside, the pretty dresses are always replaced by my favourite pyjamas and slippers and the usual evening consisting of trashy TV and a good fudge hot chocolate continues.

Back to reality tomorrow for us Littles..

The Little Winters x

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At the end of the day you're another day older.

It's a nice day for a white wedding.