Two birds on a wire, one tries to fly and the other.

Little Me wears: A Mina dress*, and Primark coat, bag and wedges.

Little B wears: An American Apparel top, Topman jeans and Primark boots.

Oh how wonderful it was to not have to set an alarm this morning, and awake when we felt like it. Although Little R had other ideas and at 7am decided that actually he was quite hungry, and so when he gets up, the rest of the household should. Even playing dead didn't fool him..

Today we popped on our simple outfits (and super thick coats) and ventured into town for house things, haircuts and lunch with the parents. My haircut wasn't that successful, and made me realise why I'd put off going for a year.. So with that, Little B treated me to a new set of fary lights (because 5 sets really aren't many) and in exchange I finally agreed to the kitchen needing a bread bin. On the condition it was girly enough!

Little B has now tottered off to get a chinese takeaway tonight, whilst I am browsing the many beautiful Warehouse dresses. Hurry up payday! But for now, it's time to slob. To the max. With a huge bag of biscuits too! Delightful.

The Little Winters x

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You show the lights that stop me turn to stone.

With a little time to set aside our feet can mould.