I know you ain't the one to play the game.

Little Me wears: A Lashes of London dress* and Ash boots.

I know I once said that I didn't wear bodycons, and made an exception. Well I made another one again (although in these photos I look terrible with my lumpy bumpy frumpy pants) for my Christmas work meal. And yes, this is so overdue! The embellished shoulders and thick material won me over, oh and Kim rocking it too!

Finally I have a few weddings to go to this month, so I'm sure this dress will make a cheeky appearance. And much to Little B's delight after he asked me to dress more sexier!! Haha. In all fairness, he did say I dressed nice, but he just wants a bit more, you know, skin... But he should remember that I like my collars up high, my tights under my armpits and my dresses swishing to the knee. I couldn't do sexy if it hit me in the face!

The Little Winters x

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