When through that mist I see the shape of you.

Little Me wears: A jumper from Oh My Love* a playsuit from Glamorous* a Megan Jane necklace, a H&M hat, New Look boots and Primark sparkly socks.

Oh, I really do not like how I've become that girl with the stars by items in pretty much everything I'm wearing. But in all fairness, this outfit is my favourite for me right now. I have this thought in my head, that maybe I look kinda cool.. So of course I wear it a lot. And pull silly faces.

I'm not a jewellery person (I pretty much cried when my Mama had wrapped my birthday present in a jewellery box to wind me up!) but Megan Jane sent me this sweet necklace, and I think I may just like it a little bit. Plus it's cool right? Although, it won't make turn me into a rapper and rock 36475 chains just yet..!

Saying that, my rapping is pretty impressive. Just ask Little B...

The Little Winters x

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I got music coming out of my hands, feet and kisses

And I like sometimes to wave it high