We kissed on a corner then danced through the night.

Little me wears: A beautiful dress by Ever Ours

This is about as much of a picture as you'll be able to get from us Little ones. It seems (I think I say this every week) that my forever old camera is definitely not well, and can only perform under sunlight.. Which we never seem to have here in this little old town of ours. So that's my plans out the window. But in all fairness, it's the festive season, and we're going to embrace this and spend plenty of time with our wonderful families and rest. And eat lots of chocolate. Because that's what we all like to do in December. And if we can't get away with it then, when can we?! 

Although chocolate isn't welcome in the Little Winter house at the moment. It seems we've come down with the smelly bug so water and toasted tea cakes are our friends right now. And lavender smelling fresh bed sheets too!

So I shall leave you with this photo of Little R and me playing Lady and the Tramp. I'll let you decide who's who..

The Little Winters x

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And everything is going to the beat like a sleepyhead

We are always running, for the thrill of it