The beginning of Little Winter

Little Me wears: Primark jumper, Pussycat dress and Primark boots and socks.

Little B wears: Topman jeans and shirt, Matalan tee and Nike trainers.

So we had a bit of a change around here! Caught up in Cake is no more, instead we decided to go a little more personal and include the three muskateers. Because I secretly think they were missing out!

I'm not really sure how long Little B's outfit shots will last.. He only has one pose, but I'm sure that'll change.. And well Little Runkle is a bit too fast for the camera at the moment, plus Little Schmidt's always sleeping.. So this will definitely be an interesting read!

I also just want to make my peace and be done.. But please don't always assume that we may look like the perfect couple/animal family.. Remember that everybody has their ups and downs, it's just that we don't tend to capture those moments. Instead, we'll document our fun days(when we're not sleeping!)

So grab a cup of tea or hot ribena and pretend you're in our living room.. And imagine Little Runkle in the Christmas tree! And Little Schmidt in a tea cup.

The Little Winters x

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And I like sometimes to wave it high

The Little Winter family..