I wouldn't test you, I will get there you know.

Little Me wears: A Topshop dress and some Ash boots.

Little B wears: A Primark hoody, Topman jeans and t-shirt and Nike trainers.

So we're completely opposites today. On one hand I look like I'm heading either to a funeral or for a boogie, and Little B, well, basically looks like he's rolled out of bed. He was hungover. And he did change shortly after. To be fair, we'd just come out of a tricky car journey with Little Runkle. It wasn't easy. He was pretty disturbed. We were both tired and full. And let's just say, we won't be having any other Little's for a while..

I treated myself to these Ash boots the day before Christmas Eve. It's always nice to give yourself a Christmas present right? Plus they kept looking at me at work.. So it only seemed right. And Little B did good, buying me this dress.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of nice exciting things. We really appreciated the time we spent with our families and the celebrations are still continuing! We now have one worn out Little Runkle, a happy holidayed Little Schmidt and two very full bellies. We love Christmas!

The Little Winters x

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