Get my feet on holy ground so I sing for you.

Little Me wears: River Island dress, New Look boots and Primark socks.

Oh that, I don't know what to wear on Christmas fiasco. The one where you'd quite like to wear your new fitted dress that is all so sparkly and shiny because it's Christmas, but then you realise that in fact you'll be planning on eating a lot so fitted isn't appropriate. Or the one where you think you'll go for baggy so that you have room to eat, but then actually it just isn't as sparkly, or just as Christmassy. 

So instead, you decide on your number one dress that never lets you down, somehow manages to work for every occasion and of course, makes you feel a little bit special, kinda.. Yes, this is my dress.

The Little Winters x

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I wouldn't test you, I will get there you know.

And everything is going to the beat like a sleepyhead