And I like sometimes to wave it high

1: Birthday morning cupcake. 2: Watermelon cake from Naomi. 3: So excited to write in this!

4: Little B and Little Me. 5: Cocktails are flowing. 6: Posh drinker!

7 Hello nice friends! 8: These two ladies are sexy. 9: Best haribo holder.

10: Amazing vase.. Thanks Carly! 11: The perfect Sunday. 12: A little hangover lunch.

This weekend has been truly delightful in the Little Winter household. It was my birthday on Friday, and grown up celebrations were had. I felt like a little lucky egg getting three lots of cake too (yes, we totally demolished them!) and some absolutely super presents..! 

Last night was spent in our favourite wine bar, picking random cocktails every 20 minutes, and well basically,  getting pretty merry. Of course it meant that today was totally a write off day, spent watching the first two Home Alone's (I hate to admit I'd never seen them before!) eating soup and hiding in the warmth of the duvet cover. And now we're going to finish our weekend with my favourite doughballs, another cheesy Christmas movie, and snuggles with the two little furry friends.

This is when I love Winter the most. Hurry up Christmas!

The Little Winters x

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When through that mist I see the shape of you.

The beginning of Little Winter