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Blouse: Primark. Jumper: Primark Mens. Skirt: MSGM. Boots: So You Shoes.

Why hello, quite possibly my newest favourite skirt! I know there's this thing called Christmas lurking around the corner, but I decided it came early last week! Mama Mcfred and Papa G ever so kindly bought me the skirt, and of course, it was on straight away. Yep, no time for it to sit under the tree.. It needed wearing! And of course, it already has been. Lots!

Littlebum says I look like a strawberry with icing on top, when I pop on my lace blouse. I'm going to pretend that's a compliment, and think that the strawberry look is in. And for that, I stole his jumper! Plus I told myself they go with my new socks. Sparkles!

I've been going a little crazy on my Instagram  (@katymitten) taking snippets of my house. It seems to get a good response (amen to the florals and hearts!), so I didn't know whether people would like to see a post on the house or various rooms..? 

I'm not quite sure I dare brave a video tour yet! I'd need to pick up my pants for that...!


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