I change shapes to hide in this place but I'm still an animal

Dress: Ever Ours. Blazer: River Island. Shoes: Primark.

Decided to be a normal kid, and dig out an old favourite dress today. Plus I was off for a coffee and a scone so it only seemed right to don my pretty one. And I must admit, I forgot about this blazer. I just love a bit of polka dot. Thanks Mama (it's her's of course!).

So yes, I joined the rest of the world and their nan last weekend, and attempted the dip dye. I was still unsure about it to begin with, but I'm slowly warming to it.. Although, it does make me despise my fringe now.. I guess we just never win!

My house has finally gone overboard fairy light crazy. Like literally, it's all I seem to buy every single time we're out shopping and I think Littlebum is getting a little fed up of these "but I don't want to wake you with the bright light's in the morning" stories. Oh, but they're just so pretty and cosy. I want to actually snuggle up WITH my bedroom. 

I think I like this time of year more and more.


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