Here's how we wear: Blazers

1: Megan from Wonderful You. 2: Jade from Dotty Dolly. 3: Lizzie from Blue October. 4: Hello!

Hello Friday! Finally time for the weekend. And what better way than another Here's how we wear post! Three absolutely delightful ladies are up today and most certainly looking delicious. Today, we opted for something that is used more and more as a casual item every day outfit. Yet is still a very classic piece worn by many. Of course, this week we're wearing:


Megan says "I am thoroughly in love with my black Topshop blazer. Having no pockets, it's completely for show and not practicality; but I just love how it can smarten up any outfit. And it goes with anything, whether it's my skinny jeans and a plain tee or a skater dress. Plus the pink lining makes it feel pretty so it ticks every box for me!"

Jade says "I absolutely love this velvet blazer I picked up at a vintage store! It's warm, versatile and the perfect staple item in my wardrobe. I've styled it with a boucle dress and tartan scarf, in an attempt to include 3 trends in 1! Brave of me right?"

Lizzie says "I wear blazers most days for work - they dress up the most casual of items and ensure you look sharp and stylish. Perfect for those who like to look a little smarter for work, or dressing up a casual outfit!"

I say "For those days when I'm running late (pretty much every morning!) adding a blazer is the easiest to put with a dress or a blouse. And it gives a smarter look. A blazer is my best friend on a night out as it completes my look. Oh and it also keeps me warm!"

What are your thoughts on the blazer? Do you like to slip it on over a dress or put it with your jeans and a tee? Or do you think they're best kept for more formal things? There's plenty of printed blazers on the high street.. The choices are endless!


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