Forty-eight thousand seats roars for my memories

Jumper: c/o Oh My Love. Skirt: River Island. Boots: Primark. Bag; c/o Marc B. Coat: Topshop. Snood: Primark.

You know when you have a go to outfit, that you stick to for weeks on end, till you erase that outfit with a new one? Yeah, well this is what's happening right now. See ya later grey dress, this skirt and jumper is coming everywhere with me. And I mean literally!

I normally stick to same style skirts, but when I saw Miss Olivia P in her fabulous leather skirt, it got me craving one. Of course, because I'm a stingy old hag, I opted for a cheaper alternative. Partly the reasoning for this was that I was adamant my thighs would look hideous. However, you know what? I actually really bloody like it. (Although hello Starbucks tummy in there!) So much so, that I popped it on with my new Oh My Love jumper. Littlebum says this is my tissue paper jumper but I think he's just jealous!

As much as I do love this skirt, tonight it's been swapped for my kigu, to keep my tootsies warm. Oh Winter!


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