We will live longer than I will, we will be better than I was

Jumper: c/o Ever Ours. Shorts: TK Maxx. Boots: Primark.

Yes, this is definitely a 'I put on whatever I could find first' kinda outfit. It's actually what I wore during moving week.. And the jumper is super snug, the shorts are flexible.. And well, the tights are just bloody tights! Littlebum says this jumper looks like a bathmat.. I think he's just jealous that he can't snuggle in it. Saying that, there is still time to find him in it one day..

I promise, I'll stop wearing these boots in every single photo I take soon. These were the only ones out, and well, they're just bloody comfy. So yes, this outfit is a right win at the moment. Screw YOU weather, I'm winning for once!

We're all settled in the cottage.. And honestly, I love it! Let's just say, that if I could marry a building... Oh and now, I want to invite literally EVERYONE over for a cup of tea and cake. Or cookies. COME ON OVER!


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