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Dress: c/o Chi Chi. Heels: New Look.

Alright.. Look at me being a fancy pants in a fancy swish dress. Let me tell you, this doesn't happen on a regular basis! But alas, I am embracing it. Maybe I can even call myself a real girl in it..?

I'm not normally one for fitted dresses (she says with a bodycon) so being sent this by Chi Chi was a bit of a step. Now in all fairness, besides the slight taking in at the breasticle area, it's not me. But it's bloody nice. Would I wear it out on a Saturday night? Realistically, no.. I'm more of a boots and casual dress kinda person. Got an invite to a wedding? Hell yes.. This would be perfect, and I'd even have room to get on the dancefloor! Now I'll just await a wedding invite...

You'll probably have noticed that I'm in fact indoors too! Because I am in love with my new cottage, I thought my snazzy old style living room wall needed some love on the blog! So I did just that. Plus outside was wayy to cold for this little number.

Time for a standard hot chocolate and epic amounts of hot chocolate, I think. Heavenly!


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