Lay with me, we'll do the things that lovers do

Coat: c/o Darling. Boots: Primark. Hat: New Look.

Well look, only blooming wearing a coat aren't I?! Now this doesn't happen much. Nope, I'm one of those people who always forgets/never wears a coat, and yes, I end up freezing. I think my problem with coats, is that I just think they never do the right thing for what I need. Do you get me? Take last year, I bought a right fancy coat. Looked great for Paris, tottering about pretending I owned more money than I really did. But now? Totally doesn't do what I want it to.

When this coat rocked up, I was a little unsure. I have this weird thing where I like it to be either hooded, or higher on my neck, and this wasn't. However, I actually really like it. And with my faux fur stole, this coat is ideal. I absolutely love the detailing, and the two colours. Maybe this means I should venture out of my comfort zone more often..

And with that, I'm off to put on my comfort clothes and catch up on some trashy weekend TV. I love Autumn!


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