Here's how we wear: Polka dots

1: Gemma from Fat Frocks. 2: Lauren from Laurenella. 3: Fringe head. 4: Rachel from Cold Knees.

Oh haiii there another set of 3 bloggers. And myself of course. Look at us all rocking something pretty similar, but yet oh so different. YEP. This week after curling up on the sofa and watching the new series of New Girl, my Here's how we wear idea came to me. Jess loves it, a lotta people wear it, and hey, it's pretty fun.. This week we're styling:

Polka dots!

Gemma says "This polka dot skirt is very versatile. I have worn it to work with a smart blouse, to the beach with a vest top and to a gig paired with a biker jacket to give it a more rock and roll edge. Forget trends like aztec print, polka dots are timeless."

Lauren says "Jess from New Girls says she rocks a lot of polka dots and I can definitely see where she is coming from! Something about a polka dot dress screams cute and girly. This particular outfit makes me feel like a fifties housewife, and instills a massive urge in me to go and bake some yummy cupcakes."

I say "Polka dots over stripes anyday of the week for me. I love this polka dot dress, it's more of a simple dot than a bold one and I let the dots do the talking today. Plus whenever I get bored, at least I can play dot to dot to occupy myself.."

Rachel says "I love this polka dot shirt! I've worn it quite casually but I love the all black look here which means the print really just stands alone. Saying that, I do like styling polka dots with more colour or maybe another print to mix it up a bit."

Are you a secret Jess.. and love polka dots too?! How do you style them? ASOS have some amazing polka dot dresses and tops here. A tea dress with polka dots is the perfect ingredient for a tea party!

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