Everything spins from my head till it's motion sickness

Jumper: Primark. Dress: H&M. Boots: Primark. Bag: c/o Marc B.

Call me old fashioned, but I tend to stick to the same bag till it breaks. And then I buy the same one again. Yes, that's weird! I used to be a bag lady, but it's just so much effort moving all your old receipts, skanky tissues, and 4364 pens to a new bag every other day.

But in all honesty, like every other blogger, I was totally over the moon when this bag popped through my door. I'm quite fussy with them, you see. But not this time, I immediately moved all my belongings into this before my mother got her mitts on it.

Although, I probably should lend it to her, considering this little jumper is hers. I guess you could say I'm being a wild Wendy lately, I don't 'do' tight knits. But this seems to make it's way over my shoulders in the evening.. I like to tell myself that it goes with the bag.

Ooh look at me being all burgundy this Autumn. Just call me Burgundy Belinda.


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