Remember when people thought the world was round?

Playsuit: c/o Glamorous. Cardigan: c/o Glamorous. Belt: Internacionale.

Oh look, the wanderer returns. And in an extremely creased playsuit. I am disgusted by myself for this. But the story behind the creases, is the one where it's been sitting on the bedroom floor after a wild night out. And today I popped it on to show you.. Especially considering I've worn it out both weekends, yet not managed any snaps because I've been epically drunk, followed by huge hangovers.

But whatever, it's not about the hangovers. Nope. It's about this beautiful playsuit I received from Glamorous . They sent me the most generous package a few weeks back, which really did cheer me up a treat. And being a playsuit hussy, this has not left my sight. I think my friends are getting a little sick of me wearing this all the time..! And I'm also quite fond of the cardigan. Not my usual type, but actually I think it really spices up a simple outfit. I feel like a Christmas tree a little. In a good way.

So yes, I am back after a week or so away from blogging. To be honest it seemed like the last thing on my mind, after a bit of a tough time. I won't go into detail but things are slowly getting back on track. And we also signed papers to move into a cottage next month. This is like the best thing that's ever happened to me, probably more than discovering chicken satay last month.

And on that note, I promise that once I become a cottage bum, I'll iron all my clothes.


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