Over and over like a monkey with a miniature cymbal

Tee:  c/o Orange Circle. Skirt: c/o She Inside. Boots: Daisy Street Shoes

Let's all just spend a few minutes laughing at my attempt of trying to look cool. Oh and my not so great hairstyle. After deciding that actually, I did like my hair up in this post (yes I did the go back and check every so often thing) I thought I'd brave it again. And again. But now my messy bun, isn't so messy. Just greasy. What a shambles.

Anyway, the reason I am trying to look like I know my stuff, and as though I used to hang at the skate park..  (is that where the cool people hangout?!) is because I was so desperate to wear my Orange Circle tee. I like tee's. But they just don't like me. We don't normally work well. So when it arrived, I did a pretty bad thing, and I cut the sleeves (sorry Orange people, I still love it!) with my mind telling me I'd totally be able to rock this look. It lied. But you know what, I don't care. I have a cat WITH GLASSES on a tee. 

And even when I try to get away from the girly kind.. My cat lady nature always manages to catch up with me. Quite literally.


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