I don't think I could be dreaming, I felt your touch

Dress: H&M. Bag: Topshop. Shoes: New Look. Belt: Internacionale.

Apologies if you've already seen these photos.. as yes I did a guest post on Eloise's blog this week, whilst she's been fannying about being married (I'm just jealous really.) It's worth a look, and a laugh at how rubbish I am at guest posting.

I wish I could wear this dress more than just a "OH MY CHRIST IT'S HOT TONIGHT, LET'S WHIP OUT THE DRESS" moment. You see, I have fear of bra straps on show with a cutout dress. It's just wrong. So indeed, I rock the braless look (it doesn't happen often, let me tell you) but with the weather turning a bit nippier.. HARHAR.. It's not really, let's say ideal. However, I have finally invested in a stick on bra, in the hope that they shall work. But personally, I think they're a bit crap. They never seem to stay on?! It probably doesn't help that I stand there with just the bra on, wondering why it keeps falling off...

Enough bra talk, I'm off for a tea party with my dear friend Naomi. Zumba what?!


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