I can't wait for another second minute or hour

Jacket: New Look. Knit: H&M. Scarf: Primark. Trousers: H&M. Boots: Primark.

When people always associate ill people with green faces, yeah, I look like that in the last photo. Although I'm not actually ill. So basically this sentence is really and utterly pointless right now. But I'll keep it here.

Look at me in trousers, again. I love these too! I spotted them when doing a "I just went in for some sunglasses" shopping, and thought at £9.99, they seemed the perfect investment to lure myself into cool trousers. And we'll just keep the side zip a secret for now.. 

Actually on second thoughts, big shoutout to the side zip.. Best invention ever for eaters like myself. 

So day one of the no bad food situation, and I'm already crying inside. Grapes did help a little, but cake would have been better. Probably doesn't help that I'm also phoneless.  And yes, I hate admitting it, but it really.does.suck. 

Does this mean that I can eat chocolate tonight?


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