Here's how we wear: The skater dress

1: Megan from Wonderful You. 2: Tan boots me again. 3: Jade from A Little Lipstick. 4: Hev from Farewell to the Fairground

Another week, another Here's how we wear posts. Thanks for all your tweets/emails asking to be involved. Sure enough you all will!

So this week, I actually struggled on what to go with (I know right, there are just endless options!) and after much rattling about in my wardrobe, I chose a fail safe, simple piece. Something majority of us women own, and never have a bad word to say about:

The skater dress

Megan says "I have a lot of love for this dress, so much that I have it in two other colours (oh dear Megan). It's such a versatile piece; perfect for dressing up or down. I chose to team it with my favourite boots, belt and blazer to give a smart/casual look."

I say "Majority of my dresses are skater style, and this one is probably the queen of them all. It does the job in all the right places, leaving enough room for a cheeky collar to peek through. And you'll never tell what I had for my lunch in this.. Fantastic!"

Jade says "Contrary to its name, a skater dress is not reserved for skaters - though I suppose the floaty skirt and the floral print of this one in particular makes it graceful enough to fit the bill. Liverpool is constantly chilly these days, so a thick knitted jumper and tights are the perfect counterparts. I also love teaming this outfit with a statement necklace, something to contrast the smaller details of the outfit."

Hev says "I have developed a bit of a soft spot for skater dresses, but what is there not to love? They can be worn in lots of different ways and are very forgiving. A dress that allows you to eat more is my favourite kind of dress!"

How do you feel about skater dresses? Are you a fan? Why not add another style to your skater dress collection. Topshop have a brilliant selection... The choices are just endless!


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