Why don't you be the artist and make me out of clay

Dress (worn as top): Primark. Dress (worn as skirt): c/o OMG Fashion. Belt and shoes: New Look.

I think I'm trying to be a bit cool with my clothes, but really I'm probably being annoying and a bit weird. Whenever I get a dress, I think if I can wear it as a top too, or a skirt. And majority of the time I can. Ooh versatile!

I bought this bodycon dress from Primark, after Mama Mcfred persuaded me, informing me that I looked amazing in it.. But actually I looked a lemon in it, with my shelf of a bum. But of course, I bought it! It had been sat in my wardrobe for a few months, so I thought it at least deserved an outing. A subtle outing. And covered up. With my new dress. As a skirt.

I really liked the dress from OMG fashion, mainly down to the colour (blue again I know!) but as I'm a bit of a funny one with thin straps, instead I put it to good use, and went one up on the weather, by turning it into a.. urm.. short midi?!

If I'm being honest.. I'm confused trying to explain both dresses. Are you confused too? But basically, the moral of the story (or a new excuse to use) is, buy a dress that can be worn as a top or skirt. And you'll be a Versatile Veronica in no time! 

I promise to stop with the names soon.


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